Assignment 2: Part 3 Reflection

The following are my reflective thoughts on my assignment piece following the assessment criteria laid out for the Visual Arts at OCA

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I found this assignment challenging and definitely has taken me out of any comfort zone I may have been sitting in prior to enrolling on Drawing 1. I have never tried to produce a piece of work like this before. I have used a variety of materials to create different marks, reflecting different textures exhibited by the ideas I am trying to portray. My mark making has definitely moved on from where I was after assignment 1, which was much more tonal in appearance. I have experimented in this exercise with using materials in ways that didn’t require me to smudge and lift out with an eraser,. In order to achieve my aim I have had to choose a different surface, a tinted one providing a mid-tone background. In my final drawing however, I did have to compromise on the ideal surface deduced from my preliminary drawings due to availability. I have used the entire piece of paper, hopefully showing awareness of compositional space and design. I had to plan carefully to get the ‘heavy’ wings in a position that would both fit on the page and not dominate overly. To do this, I found I had to balance out some of the dark tones with more in the tail, producing a triangle of areas of interest. I used my observational skills to find out how light reflects off bird feathers and how shadows would fall onto the surface from a raised pair of wings. One area that I feel I have improved on is that of experimenting and planning a piece before attempting the final drawing. I tried several techniques before hand to research the best materials and methods to use in this project.

Quality of Outcome

I am unsure as to the quality of the outcome of this assignment. However I do know that I have done it to the best of my abilities at this stage in the course. I would like to think that I have demonstrated an idea as well as the processes by which I have realised this idea.

Demonstration of Creativity

In this assignment I have taken a found image and made it into my own. It certainly was a risk to do this in an assignment especially as my objects of reference (birds wings) were not copied as a still-life, rather the idea of them was translated into an earlier version of rudimentary feathers. I would like to think I have been creative and inventive, but until I get the opinion of others have no way of knowing if this has been successful. I still don’t know what my personal voice is at this stage, it is too early on I feel, however it may be that this assignment does show something that may develop. I have moved away from the conventional still-life scenario and have linked into my interest in science and nature, I really enjoyed the expressive marks that I made for the rock face too.


This is hard to judge without a dialogue with someone. I have reflected on every exercise that I have done, including the preliminary studies for this assignment and feel that as a process of self-development I am moving forward. However I do think (as mentioned above) I have taken a risk with the subject for this assignment. However I have demonstrated use of colour in the drawing, and spent some time working out the appropriate medium and support for the subject. My mark-making has developed, I have included a variety of marks, using different techniques such as applying graphite on its side contrasting with finer point marks. I have tried to accurately depict the form of the skeleton, something that is quite fine but solid, using different type of marks to that of the feathers, which I hope are more expressive and more loose. Finally the idea is definitely experimental and ambitious – wings lifting Archaeopteryx off the rock face. It may be that I haven’t pulled it off, but I certainly have tried and all these attributes are within the context of the coursework at this stage.

Assignment 2: Part 3 Reflection

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