Final Post: Assessment Mark

This is my final post on this blog. My OCA journey continues on Practice of Painting 1 if anyone wishes to follow that.

There has been much discussion on student forums over the 2 years I have been with OCA as to what makes a good assessment submission. We all have a list of the criteria that assessors mark by but it seems that students, especially those new to OCA study have little idea of how those criteria ‘look’ in terms of a body of work. It has also been noted on more than one occasion recently that those with good marks come don’t come forward and share that so others can learn from it. Perhaps this is more understandable than trying to decipher the criteria narratives. It can be embarrassing to hold your work up as being deemed ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ when others may not have done so well. It could be considered as showing off, inappropriate and insensitive. Bizarrely it can also seem a little unwelcome to oneself to do so well: to acknowledge it heaps the pressure on to repeat the process and invites you to start looking for the formula that achieved such success, something that the assessors go out of their way to suggest that you don’t do (using 1/3rd of their precious feedback to do so – see below).

Over the last two years I have seen so many different styles of student blogs, some very brief, others full of personal stories and emotional insights way beyond the context of the course. They have all offered something to me and in some cases have been a very humbling read. We are encouraged to share blogs with each other and to learn from them (I recently received a suggested reading list from my tutor which included 3 student blog sites). Fellow students have followed this blog and have been kind enough to offer up words of encouragement, often at times of great (artistic) need. So my final post here finishes my drawing skills 1 story and if it proves helpful and insightful to others then great. This was my first module, a fraction of a (very long!) degree course, fundamental to the learning process but overall insignificant in the grand mark scheme that is a degree. It is in this context that I post my final mark and assessment feedback for this module.

Overall assessment mark: 73%

Assessment Criteria

Demonstration of Technical & Visual Skills (28/40, 70%)

(Materials, techniques, observational skills, design and compositional skills)

Development of excellent visual and technical skills. Highly effective design and composition.

Quality of Outcome (15/20, 75%)

(Content, application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner with discernment.)

Highly effective work presented in a professional way, showing strong judgement.

Demonstration of Creativity (15/20, 75%)

(Imagination, experimentation, invention, personal voice)

Excellent development of analytical and creativity thinking, showing independent judgements and presenting a developing personal creative voice.

Context (15/20, 75%)

(Reflection, research,(learning logs))

Awareness of an excellent breadth of contexts and debates supporting your growing personal and/or professional knowledge and understanding.

Overall comments and feed forward

Your ambitious submission shows that you understand what the work needs you to do, rather than second-guessing an outcome.

The contextual work is good and you are discerning how different artists can influence and inform your own work.

Continue to be conceptually ambitious (as seen in Light Series 10) but also explore further the potential of fluid media as seen in Reclining Nude 8.

Final Post: Assessment Mark

18 thoughts on “Final Post: Assessment Mark

  1. Thank you for sharing this Anna.
    Your blog and information has been most useful for a beginner at this “preparing for assessment” process.
    And congratualtions for your well-deserved pass with a good mark.


  2. Congratulations and all the best – I struggled with what to submit at final assessment and feel I wasn’t going to pass I did and actually found the assessors comments useful -,


  3. Dear anna, absolutely you should share your grade to help us understand how the criteria are interpreted. I guessed around this mark when you said you were delighted, but even before that I’d have said a first. I was going to bluntly ask but guessed you were being unduly modest about telling us! Well done. Fantastic and deserved achievement! Best of luck for the future. So sorry it’s your last post here! Sue On Wed, 19 Apr 2017 at 09:39, Drawing 1:Drawing Skills wrote:

    > Anna513916 posted: “This is my final post on this blog. My OCA journey > continues on Practice of Painting 1 if anyone wishes to follow that. There > has been much discussion on student forums over the 2 years I have been > with OCA as to what makes a good assessment submission. ” >

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  4. Thank you so much Susan. I do hope your final push is going well. I look forward to seeing your personal project work. Good luck with it and your July assessment and do feel free to email me direct if you have questions about the submission process. I found it a little stressful but it did all sort of come together once OCA sent me their link with what to actually do, but this doesn’t get sent out until after the application deadline is passed. Until then you are a bit in the dark !! Very best wishes – Anna


    1. Thanks Alastair, I think you might have been one of the people to raise the problem of no one knowing what good looks like (my apologies if i have got that wrong!). I think there is still a huge amount of subjectivity in it however so not really sure how much use it will be! Good luck with the rest of your course

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