Part 5 My Personal Project: Choosing a project

Over the last 4 months I have been working on part 5: My personal project. I have struggled to maintain momentum through this period due to family and work commitments and thus have not posted my progress as I have gone along. Rather I have kept paper notes alongside work as I have done it. I now have a little more time so intend to post my progress in instalments retrospectively.

Making a start.

Choosing my project

The human form is an area of great interest to me. I have studied and taught anatomy and biomechanics of human locomotion for many years and would love to be able to draw the figure to match. So having decided to consider the figure and the face for a project I found my thoughts going further: whether I should concentrate of the figure or the face. In addition, drawing the figure could be divided into poses that are static (the traditionally life drawing scenario of a pose held for some time) or dynamic poses with action and movement being captured. In order to come to some kind of informed decision over which area to start with I made a list of positives and negatives for each three areas. After deliberating for longer than I probably should have I came down to the idea of trying to capture human movement. I felt that part 4 didn’t really cover this area or at least I didn’t explore it particularly thoroughly. This would also take me out of my comfort zone of drawing the static figure whilst still maintaining my interest in anatomy and biomechanics. I certainly wasn’t keen to concentrate on portraiture. However I started under no illusions: capturing dynamic poses is certainly going to be a challenge!

Thinking through my options!
Thinking through my options!



Part 5 My Personal Project: Choosing a project

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