Project 5 Exercise 2 Groups of Figures

The Aim.

Draw groups of figures, trying to capture the interactions, movement and atmosphere of the situation.

The Exercise

At a school rounders tournament. Sketchbook with drawing pen

At home I worked up the children standing in line waiting their turn to bat using a photograph and the study above as reference material. I used soft pastel and tried to capture the colour and the interactions between the players (aged 7 – 8 yrs old). I put in the drawing the three children on the left of  the image above, plus two others that I captured in the photograph.

Waiting thier turn. Soft Pastel on tinted paper A3
Waiting their turn. Soft Pastel on tinted paper A3

What I have tried to portray here is the idea of small children all dressed in rather oversized generic school team colours. These children were 7 and 8 yr olds and in most cases their stick-like limbs protruded out from very baggy school issue shirts and shorts/skirts . I also have tried to capture the atmosphere of the line of children. They were all very enthusiastic at actually playing and waited in quite an ordered line, but within that order there was a certain amount of personal distraction: lots of fidgeting, twirling of bats, and chatter. What was most apparent was that they were more interested in interacting with each other than watching how their team mates ahead of them were performing. In fact the boy on the far left of the drawing is in fact the next into bat, but you wouldn’t know it as he was watching the two girls in the middle very intently and actually missed his cue to go up and bat. Whilst this is not such a competent pastel drawing (it was too fiddly and I couldn’t manipulate the pastel with any accuracy) I do think I have captured some of this intense interaction with each other.

Project 5 Exercise 2 Groups of Figures

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