Project 5 The Moving Figure Exercise 1 Single moving figure

The Aim

Keep drawing moving figures in your sketchbooks. How well have you managed to create a sense of a moving figure rather than a static pose?

The Exercise

This was very hard!.

First attempt:

These figures were all drawn at the British Museum as they were crossing the great court to leave the building. No one was in a hurry, they are best described as milling around or ambling slowly.

Second attempt

Runners in road race. Here the movement was too fast for me to do anything other than stick type sketches. I think these look like figures dancing rather than running.

Third Attempt

A netball match. Netball is not such a fast game that you don’t have some seconds to look at the action – especially when the player is holding the ball as they are not allowed to move their feet. This is much more conducive to drawing the players!

Netball players. Drawing pen
Netball players. Drawing pen

Fourth Attempt

At a shopping centre, with a combination of people moving fast and slowly.


This was a hard exercise. There is some sense of movement in some of the sketches, but mostly they are unclear and remain static! Clearly practice makes for improvement but I do feel that I would need to do nothing else for a year for my sketches to do any justice to these moving figures! I can’t say I enjoyed the experience of drawing people on location. I got lots of odd looks. No one actually came to look over my shoulder, which is just as well as I would have found that rather embarrassing given the quality of the outcome. One of the problems I have found with this course is that I feel pressured to move on by the very fact there is an ultimate deadline for completing the module (2 years). I will finish within this time, but ideally I should keep going with these practice sketches until they start to make sense. However there is no time to do this any more than I have. This feeling has been repeated with many of the exercises so far which leaves a slightly unsatisfactory note to the whole experience. However I am behind in my schedule as it is (and have been for every part so far) so I must move on!!


Project 5 The Moving Figure Exercise 1 Single moving figure

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