Project 3 Exercise 3 Stance

The Aim

Look for the line of balance or the centre of gravity in a standing figure.

Draw as many quick poses as you can, changing pose every 2 to 5 mins.

The Exercise

I started collecting quick drawings for this exercise a while back. Below are copies of my sketchbook pages covering drawings that fit into this exercise. They include drawings from photos of people, drawings from photos of statues as well as drawings from life. Credit for sources given where appropriate.

Using Source material

from Neret, G. (1994). Auguste Rodin: Sculptures and Drawings. Taschen, Koln.

From Smith, M.E. (1998) The Nude Figure: A visual reference for the artist. Watson-Guptill Publications: New York.

Red line depicts the approximate line of centre of gravity for each pose

Using a real person

owen stance

Project 3 Exercise 3 Stance

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