Project 3 Exercise 2 Essential elements

The Aim

Draw a sequence of 6 x 10 min poses using tone as the basis for your drawing.

The Exercise

I had to use an on-line model for this exercise. I chose a real-time you-tube based resource Croquis cafe: Figure drawing resource. For this particular set of drawings all models were from video #214.

The instructions suggest that drawing form using tonal values was what required. I chose several different materials to do this. Each drawing was only 10 mins long but in all instances I had to pause the video and use a timer so that I could draw uninterrupted for 10 mins as these poses were only held for 1,2 or 5  mins. I present them in the order that I drew them, with the material used underneath.



I completed this exercise with varying success. I am most pleased with pose 1. I drew with Rudstone which is basically a lump of reddish rock, harder than chalk. It doesn’t really smudge. I deliberately chose this material to free my arm in my drawing. you can’t hold a lump of rock like a pencil and consequently move your arm and shoulder in a different, looser way. Also the piece that I had was quite smooth and round so the contact point was a little bit random forcing me not to worry about detail. I started by delineating the blocks of shadow. The shading became a bit scribbled as a result of the quick timing – these are all A2 drawings which means there are large spaces to be blocked in with something that won’t smudge. However I like the result, it’s a loose, quick study. The only issue was that I didn’t really get the heaviness of the models body. It’s a believable pose but she did have a fuller figure. this is more evident in view 2 also drawn in rudstone. However to get the thick set body i have enlarged the whole drawing so it has gone off the page. I often do this and if I am honest like the effect that it has, however it wasn’t deliberate in this instance! I found it hard to get a gradation of tone in view 2 which does make the body a little flat although I am pleased with the models left knee!

I changed to charcoal for view 3. However I had two starts at this drawing, the first i rubbed over with a cloth and re-setting the clock started drawing over the top. It was far easier to depict form with charcoal and it is easy to get gradations of tonal value, but in 10-mins I found it hard to complete this and still keep an eye on proportions. Whilst I did block in the darks first I spent most of the time mapping out the overall drawing around them, leaving little time to concentrate of further tonal variations. I am quite pleased with view 4 in graphite stick. there is a lot wrong with it, such as the right arm, the heavy outline around the right leg and the fact that the left leg leaves the picture, however there is a sense of weight to this drawing. I have captured the models fuller figure here and whilst I don’t have much tonal variation, mapping in the blocks of shadow has resulted in a believable 3D figure.  As this pose occupies a rough square I did start this drawing by penciling in a box to try to focus my mind on not going to big – it didn’t’ work.

I concentrated very hard on capturing the whole body for view 5 which was not a success. It was quite an experimental drawing as I was using graphite putty for the first time to block in the dark areas. The pose and lighting was such that most of the body was in shade, so I went over the drawing delineating important parts with a graphite stick afterwards. The proportions are all wrong and I have lost the heaviness of the models body again here. Also I can’t help thinking that having all the body in the drawing is a little bit boring. So my 6th drawing in this series was in fact the same pose but with rudstone and drawing at a larger scale again.

It was hard to maintain a sense of the correct proportions whilst doing these exercises but not necessary because of considering tonal values. It is the quickness that I have problems with. There is a lot of information to get down in 10 mins and large spaces to block in. I found the 2 minute exercises in line easier to do – suggesting line is easier than tone. However, I love drawing quickly so I guess I just need to keep practising.


Project 3 Exercise 2 Essential elements

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