Part 4 Project 3 Form. Exercise 1 Basic Shapes

The Aim

Arrange your model in a chair. Consider the angle of the central axis that runs through the seated figure. Block in the basic shapes. Draw the model from different angles and positions. Identify the possibility of foreshortening and any lines of movement.

The Exercise

For this exercise I drew in graphite from published photographs of a model seated in a chair and photographed from 4 different views. (Johnson, M.T., 2006.  Art Models:life nudes for drawing, painting and sculpting. Live Model Books LLC: New Hampshire; pg 87).


I tried to draw by putting down the basic shapes, but I found this very difficult. Whilst I total understand that the body can be built up from cylinders, triangles and such like, I don’t see the body in that way. I see outlines of the muscle and body prominences, probably due to the fact that I teach anatomy and these are basic reference points. I tend to see the curves of the body rather than full circles, and found it hard to draw otherwise. I think I have 4 believable poses. The model had a very broad upper body and my slightly elevated viewpoint caused the left shoulder to become quite massive with foreshortening which I did struggle to get right in view 2. The crossed arm pose caused some rounding of the shoulders that I haven’t quite managed to capture convincingly in view 2, but managed better in view 4. The model was sitting with his torso square onto the chair but had his head rotated to the right. This twisting of the cervical spine had the effect of slightly elevating his left shoulder in view 1. I have exaggerated this too much resulting in a lopsided looking neck in view 1. The twist is better represented in view 3. In view 4 I haven’t quite got the head tilted enough. I also haven’t quite got the crossed arms right in view 1, as his pectorals should be more symmetrical.

Part 4 Project 3 Form. Exercise 1 Basic Shapes

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