Part 4 Project 1 Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth

The Aim

Sketch a seated figure wearing a baggy dressing gown (or similar). The emphasis should be on the overall form of the main part of the body.

The Exercise

For this exercise I had access to a clothed model. The pose was a relaxed pose, with the model comfortably lounging on a sofa. I chose a very low down view-point (I sat on the floor and propped my drawing board against a stool) as I was interested in depicting the body slumped on the sofa rather than a head view which would have occurred if I had stood or sat up.

Man on sofa. Graphite
Man on sofa. Graphite


I think I have captured the relaxed nature of the pose. The body has weight, and you can see its form through the folds of the fabric. There was foreshortening for the knees and lower legs. which wasn’t so much of a problem, but I did struggle to get the receding line of the upper leg to be believable – especially the sitters left leg. His knee was under the dressing gown and whilst I can see this, I haven’t quite got the thigh behind it right  I added more detail to the right hand as visually it was quite an important part of the pose. I avoided too much detail on the left hand, as it was less important to the pose The position of the left arm on the sofa rest was more important. I deliberately let the elbow go of the page as I felt it gave more of a sense of relaxing into the sofa and I am quite pleased with how the left shoulder appears to take the weight of the arm resting on the sofa side. Overall however I am happy with the proportions of the body. I do regret not spending more time on the head. I just blocked in the main shape and shadow, however, having spent time on detail on the torso and fabric I realise that I have now left the head/face looking very flat in comparison. If I was to submit this drawing for final assessment i would have to recreate this pose and alter this.

I chose graphite for this drawing as it was to hand and portable to the environment of the sitter without being too messy (as charcoal would have been). I am not a neat drawer and was mindful of my surroundings for this. However, I don’t think my choice of materials did this pose or the sitter justice. I have drawn some quite old-looking hands by virtue of over working and putting in too many lines. I need to pare back my drawings a little more. I have noticed that I age people quite a lot when i am drawing them. Youthful skin requires less mark making and I have to develop to be able to do this and not lose the essence of what I am drawing.

Part 4 Project 1 Exercise 2 Emphasising form with cloth

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