Assignment 3 Reflection on assessment criteria



The unusual view-point shows observational skills, design and compositional skills. I have had to really concentrate of getting the parallel (and in places angular) perspective right. I also have had to work on making verticals vertical. The depiction of light shows visual awareness and observational skills. My use of charcoal demonstrates an understanding of that medium, its fugitive nature and the ability to work and re-work, including lifting out highlights.


The content of this piece matches the assignment criteria in that I have demonstrated knowledge of linear perspective (and hopefully have shown improvement over the course of the exercises). I have presented work in a logical, coherent and progressing manner. My initial sketches include reasons why the scene interested me in the first place. I have followed these through with studies that start to conceptualise my thoughts and communicate my ideas. These also show the evolution of the design process.  Finally I worked on my final assignment piece drawing on these ideas. My final piece is not the best bit of work in this assignment, the graphite and water studies show far more atmosphere, presence and tension. Whilst I can discern these pieces are better than the final piece I am conflicted by the requirements for certain technical aspects specified in the assignment brief. I would have loved to have submitted one of the graphite and water studies as a final peice.


I hope that the unusual perspective of these pieces displays imagination and invention. Using my imagination hasn’t gone too well for me in previous assignments so I have reigned it in here to improve an existing scene rather than create an entirely new one. I had to experiment and move the view-point to get a more interesting scene. I don’t think that I am showing much in the way of development of a personal voice, but possibly the studies in graphite and water show a move in that direction. Certainly my reaction to them would suggest that. In these studies I do explore media with which I have not had much previous experience, with great results.


I have shown how I was influenced by artists working in black and white media, most notably David Bomberg and John Virtue. Both these artists also produced much work from a bird’s-eye view and I had that in mind as I elevated my view-point in the sketches for this piece. I have reflected on my process in my learning log as I have gone along and have tried to be critical of my work. I am starting to understand the process of discernment and recognise that better work may not always be your planned work!

Assignment 3 Reflection on assessment criteria

5 thoughts on “Assignment 3 Reflection on assessment criteria

  1. Just wanted to add too, I’ve looked right through your site from start to finish. I’m amazed by how your work has developed and changed along the way. Some fantastic work. I also really like your site design. It looks very professional.


  2. I’ve just taken another look at the development of your work for assignment 3 and part 3. I am so impressed! I can learn a lot from you. Time is such an issue isn’t it. I can see what I should be doing but I just can’t fit it in. How long did you spend on assignment 3? It’s a huge amount of work.

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  3. You are very generous with your praise, thank you! Yes time is a huge issue. I am particularly slow but have made the mental leap to not let that worry me. Some weeks I do nothing. I have asked for extensions for every assignment to date. Its got to fit with my life (3 kids, 2 jobs and a dog) so I don’t stress about it anymore – but it has taken me 15 months to get this far. Hard to say exactly how much time I spent on assignment 3 as I didn’t measure it per se, but as a guesstimate I probably spent an hour and half completing sketches 1-6 (I got a lot quicker at doing these as I went along – not worrying about lines being right!) then possibly 2 hours mulling over the photos and doing the further charcoal and oil pastel drawings. The 4 graphite studies were all completed within half an hour total. I didn’t think for these and it was rather an amazing experience which I have not managed since, but these drawings just came out of no where. It was exhilarating and are possibly my best work to date!! My tutor reckoned I should have stopped at these rather than actually complete the final piece which just goes to show you don’t really have to follow the brief. However – my final piece took me nearly 4 hours mainly because i was painstakingly slow at getting the perspective lines right. It was a huge drawing, A1, with lots of white spaces so any deviation in the lines would have been magnified just by scale so i went really slowly, trying to be as accurate as possible. Happy with the result but it wasn’t a process i enjoyed doing. I am much more of a 10 minute drawing kind of girl!! So all in all around 8 hours I guess.

    I am doing part 4 all higgledy piggledy so haven’t posted anything for a while as I want it to go up in exercise order, am about half way through – I think!! i will have to take a week off i think just to upload it all!! xx


  4. I probably should have said i did the whole assignment over 2 days only, the first day just the sketches on site, then on the second day – I had the luxury of a whole day to myself – I did the more detailed drawings, the quick good graphite ones and the final piece one after the other!! i didn’t plan it this way rather it just all fell together at a time the kids were all occupied doing something else for the day. Lucky other wise it would have dragged on, same amount of work time probably but over a much longer period! Have to say though, looking backi think I had been subconsciously studying rows of chimneys for a couple of weeks previously, every since doing the town sketchbook walk. Amazing how the brain works, I never saw myself as ever wanting to draw buildings before!


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