Project 5 Exercise 3 A limited palette study

The Aim

Using sketches from the previous exercises select a drawing to develop in colour. Use a limited palette – no more than three colours.

The exercise

I chose to develop the studies of the Market Hall with its wonderful arches.

Using black, brown and sanguine conte crayons I drew on A3 heavyweight cartridge paper

The Market Hall
The Market Hall

Compositionally I am quite pleased with this, especially the front two arches. Receding arches are definitely difficult to do. The far arch isn’t the right shape and on trying to correct it made more of a mess (the conte crayon wouldn’t lift out in a small enough area) so I have left it. The depth in this drawing is provided by three things: the perspective of the receding arches; the very dark tone of the interior, which leads your eye through the front arches into the middle of the image; and the view through the arch to the other side of the road. I have tried to make this view fairly indistinct. There was a dark tone with the shop window and I think maybe I have gone too dark with this. The wall was hard to represent too. It is lower than my view-point so i was looking down onto the grassy area surrounded by it. The diagonal line takes your eye upwards back to the dark interior rather than across the road to the far side. maybe if I had lowered the angle this would be better.

The limited palette allowed me to lay down a tonal range, from the bright white of the paper to the black dark interior. I did find it difficult to decide between the two mid tones in places,. I am not sure that the dark brown has really added anything to this drawing.

Project 5 Exercise 3 A limited palette study

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