Project 4 Exercise 2 Supplementary exercise

The Aim

Copy a simplified version of Rome by Sir Muirhead Bone into your sketchbook. Check the accuracy of the drawing my continuing the perspective lines to the vanishing point

The Exercise

Perspective Exercise
Perspective Exercise

I found this exercise a bit odd as I wanted to draw in perspective lines to enable me to copy the image with some accuracy. Instead I copied it and then put in the lines, which I suppose is how you draw a scene in life  but it did feel in this exercise to be back to front,. In addition could not see how this would be checking the accuracy of the original as that would depend entirely on the accuracy of the copy. After having completed the exercise I photocopied the original image and then drew the perspective lines on. When placed next to my copy you can easily see my mistakes. This then becomes more useful to me. I can see that several of my lines tend to a vanishing point – but it’s not quite the right one! My angles are not steep enough. The baseline of the building is also very wrong. I draw in a corrected line, but without redoing the whole lot, this became a bit meaningless.


I am struggling with these exercises and I am afraid to say that I think it is because I always am doing them in a hurry, in time snatched from the rest of life. This means I never have the head space to sit down and continue with an exercise until i am happy it is complete. I am finding this stressful and it reflects in my work. I don’t know what to do about this other than continue battling onwards…..

Project 4 Exercise 2 Supplementary exercise

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