Sketchbook catchup

Flinging coursework aside I have just spent 2.5 weeks with my family on holiday camping in France. I tried to do as much sketching as I could whilst away (three kids permitting), and this post is a round-up of my work whilst away. I purchased up a dip pen and a bottle of Indian Ink in a lovely art shop in Chartres whilst passing through. I haven’t really used these before and really enjoyed experimenting drawing with this ink – it dries a lovely deep shiny black and stands slightly proud of the paper adding texture to the drawings. However it is not the most practical of art materials when living in a tent. The rest of my sketches were in pencil or drawing pen (fine tipped black, broad tipped brown).

I managed to do one extended sketch of a couple of oyster shells I had found on a beach. My only issue was that I only had pencils of grades HB and 2B with which I found it difficult to create deep tonal values (I think my scanner has rather conveniently exaggerated the actual tonal range here!).

Oyster shells in pencil
Oyster shells in pencil

On the cross-channel ferry I took the opportunity to try to draw people. The weather was very sunny so many people were up on deck admiring the view. I was positioned on a deck higher up than my subjects which created a slight foreshortening of the legs which was sometimes hard to draw. I also discovered that on average people only spend 10 seconds in any one pose and most move on completely within 30 seconds. It was a very interesting exercise in trying to capture poses. I was not very good if they were facing me and struggled with any facial features however as my view was mostly restricted to people coming to the stern of the boat I had plenty of ‘back’ shots!. The sun was facing me for much of the way which was not ideal for either seeing, drawing or using tone to depict form. However I am quite pleased with some of the results and it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on a long trip!

I am now a long way behind on my coursework!!

Sketchbook catchup

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