Project 4 Exercise 2 Still life in tone using colour PART 2

Having posted my drawing for this exercise yesterday I was fully hoping to move on to the next part of the course today. However all evening and this morning, something was niggling me and it took a while to work out what it was. Finally I narrowed it down to the fact that the drawing for exercise 2 was supposed to be quick and fluid, depicting line, tone and colour. The guidelines suggested that the picture may become messy and particularly states not to be tempted to fiddle or overwork the image. I did both of these. So this afternoon instead of moving on, I attempted the drawing exercise again, using the same paper and same palate of pastel colours. The sweet peas had opened up quite a bit overnight, and the purple hues darkened on some stems. My arrangement was not exactly the same (but near enough). This time I worked much more quickly and tried to use line much more. Here is the resulting drawing.

Still life with Sweet Peas in pastel 2
Still life with Sweet Peas in pastel 2

Once again I think the best bit are the flowers on the table. The whole picture has a freshness that the first attempt doesn’t have. If we put the two side by side this becomes quite apparent.

I was worried that the line in the second attempt had become too much like an outline, but I feel that mostly it works. The flower petals did have a darker edge to them. The second attempt sits on the page in a better manner, the first attempt had too much space at the top, although the second is a little cramped at the bottom edge. Unfortunately in  my second attempt the vase wasn’t very successful. It was hard to rectify mistakes with the dark table surrounding it. In addition, my white pastel didn’t respond to layering on the paper  at all well and I found it very hard to depict highlights as lines on top of under-layers in either image. Continually trying is one of the reasons the first drawing became overworked, especially for the flowers in the vase. (NB the bluey tone of the first drawing is an artefact of the light I photographed in yesterday. I have tried to remove this as much as possible)

Project 4 Exercise 2 Still life in tone using colour PART 2

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