Sketchbook additions

Having 30 minutes to spare sitting in a car park I grabbed a little piece of lacey cow parsley to see if I could capture its daintiness with a pen!

cow parsley pen
Cow Parsley in pen

After what has seemed a very cold start to summer (!) the sun finally came out at the same time as the wind dropping enough to allow everything to warm up. Sitting on the doorstep I noticed our large buoy had rolled under the metal lattice table. The strong sunlight threw really interesting lattice patterns of light over the tough plastic. I just had to try and capture it. I used a 4B pencil here, but with hindsight, I should have chosen a slightly harder one (B perhaps). I wish I had had time to put some of the table in properly. As it was I quickly sketched the dark holes (as a reference point), but haven’t got any of the ironwork structure. I would like to make a more complete drawing of this, perhaps in charcoal, one day.

Buoy under lattice table in strong sunlight in pencil
Buoy under lattice table in strong sunlight in pencil.

I have recently become involved with a lovely local co-operative art and crafts gallery: the gallery at the guild, Chipping Campden (managing rather than exhibiting!). Whilst stewarding today I sketched the display of wonderful glass-work by co-operative member Adam Hussain. Nothing like drawing a pile of grey boxes to hone your perspective skills!! I am really pleased with the surroundings of this sketch. The gallery is situated in an old silk mill and was home to the Guild of Handicrafts. I hope I have caputured the essence of the stone walls of this lovely building. I think my mark making may actually be improving!!

adams exhibition - pen
Haiku Exhibition in pen
Sketchbook additions

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