My little book of apples (part 2)

I haven’t had time to do much drawing this week so am updating my progress with ‘My little book of apples’ project.

The drawing pen and (not-) parallel lines was inspired by the wonderful ‘Eyelash’ technique exhibited by Gerald Hodge in ‘Eyelash Technique Drawing of Two Spheres’ (2010) published in Davidson (2011) ‘Contemporary drawing: key concepts and techniques’. Watson-Guptill publications, New York. They are of course not parallel lines at all, but for some reason I labelled it that!!

I really like the effect achieved by  brushing over water on marker pen. This drawing actually changed quite a lot from the first application of water to the point it was dry enough to scan. The ink slowly swirled into the water and spread. I wish I had captured intermediary stages. This was also the effect I was after in my drawing for project 3 exercise 1 (drawing natural objects in marker pen). The smooth cartridge paper definitely helped with the flow of ink and water in this case.

The negative space apple (which does comprise mainly parallel lines) works because I could use the reflected light to show the form of the apple. I was unsure how to depict the stalk and its shadow, and am less pleased with this part as I am with the drawing as a whole.

I made a quill out of a large swan feather and used it as a dip pen with natural indigo ink. the nib split fairly early on and I was unsure really what I was trying to do here. I like the way the outline is sketchy, but wasn’t really sure how to depict form through tones. The shadow area was quite wet and the pigment in the ink tended to flow away from the places it was needed at the base of the apple where the shadow was its deepest,

My little book of apples (part 2)

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