My little book of apples (part 1)


In an attempt to gain experience in drawing with new materials and to experiment different marks in order to give a sense of form I have created ‘My Little Book of Apples’. This is an A6 sized sketch book in which I plan to draw an apple in as many different ways as possible, using different mediums and different marks. The idea behind using an apple for this exercise came about from the research I did into still life when I came across a quote from Cezanne who said “With an apple I will astonish Paris“. Well I am not attempting to astonish anybody, but I like the idea that the humble apple could be a teaching aide and I do desperately need to practice using materials other than charcoal and to make marks other than smudges so……

… are my first attempts. They are only sketches, taking on average about 10 mins to complete. Hopefully many more to follow!

My Little Book of Apples (part 1)

My little book of apples (part 1)

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