Catching up

The Easter holidays are almost over and today with 1 out of 3 children back at school I am able to grab some minutes to catch up with my blog. Although I haven’t managed to post anything for nearly 3 weeks, I have managed to see some great exhibitions, try out some of the ideas presented by this course so far in my sketchbook (as well as try something new with the kids), and do a lot of thinking about my first assignment. I have had ideas buzzing around in my head for a while but I have to say though the mixed media element is worrying me slightly. I am definitely out of my charcoal comfort zone there!

So… my to do list stands as follows:

  • Post some notes on the various exhibitions I have visited
  • Create a category on this blog for my general sketchbook images
  • Make a start on assignment 1: a personal still life
  • Try harder to make sure I draw something everyday.

And finally, the kids and I took some clay with us on our dog walk this morning and created tree-men. This is my effort! A great idea taken from a wonderful book given to my youngest recently: ‘The Stick book: loads of things you can make or do with a stick’ by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks (2012); Frances Lincoln Ltd.


Catching up

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